Concepts that promote university student learning outcomes by reinvigorating textbooks for improved accessibility. The result is a handheld book divided into a three-part series through chapters. An identifiable photographic style, typesetting, pacing, and layout unifies the design. Together they make reading manageable which can improve comprehension of university-level texts. And, it's capable of cost-conscious reproduction through on-campus printers using tabloid sheets.
Be selective. Break for sense. Build on details. Images reinforce content. Effective subject, period, and paragraph chunking improves reading flow. And callouts focus readers on essential details. Secondary research including reputable literature reviews provide cost-effective ways to uncover opportunity areas. Although time consuming, it helped unearth the Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review, or SQ3R, technique which supports comprehension by aiding long-form reading.
Postsecondary schools aren't just battling for students' minds; they're need their finances and time, too. But, with the national student loan debt totaling nearly $2 trillion, it's easy to understand why more students work at least part-time to fund their education. It contributes to 6 out of 10 students graduating within four years. It's worse across ethnicities.​​​​​​​
Creating a publisher name and colophon followed. It turns out, Compound, like the calligraphic stroke, was fitting. Then, Playstead developed the owl symbol to leverage enlightenment gained from the pages.
​​​​​​​The subject informed the solution. Using the golden ratio, we created exacting baselines that are mathematically precise. The typeface, Perpetua, by Eric Gill, met the criteria because of Gill's professional sculpting experience. It references ancient Greek architecture's material permanence. Marble backgrounds are bleed off each cover. And Greek city-state symbols were placed prominently atop to reinforce the subject. Finally, the colors of the series relate to the city-states; they reference Sparta (Red), Mycenae (Blue), and Athens (Gold). In the end, recall supports student learning outcomes through layout, typesetting, colors, and covers that relate directly to the reading.
New Talent Annual 2022, Honorable Mention, Graphis Inc.
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