Hacea Coffee Source is a family-operated specialty coffee importer. They have decades of industry experience in sourcing, logistics, roasting, and consulting. Through shared coffee experiences they cultivate loyal relationships. Now, they're a passionate community of coffee enthusiasts, budding startups, microroasters, and responsible producers.
368% Year-Over-Year sales increase
24+ Months of consecutive growth
Digital Design Awards 2022, Winner, GDUSA
Creative Quarterly 67, Winner, Creative Quarterly
2021 Coffee Design Awards, Shortlisted, SCA
Packaging of the World, 2022
Digital Design Awards 2022, GDUSA
CQ67, Creative Quarterly Journal
Design in Coffee, Specialty Coffee Association
“Nathan’s ability to capture our mission and purpose exceeded all expectations. From distilling a complex company culture to a simple and easily recognizable logomark while also creating the ability to expand with robust brand identity elements are undoubtedly major contributors to our increasing and growing success.
—luke hales
co-founder at hacea coffee source
The United States imports 25 million bags of coffee annually, making it a prime market for Hacea's growth. But, the challenge presents itself as a market dominated by established brands that are top of mind with years of equity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Through a series of in-depth discussions, it became clear that the scope of the project extended beyond a logo request. Hacea needed a comprehensive brand identity that highlighted their expertise, commitment to community, and forward-thinking environmental initiatives. Differentiating Hacea in a crowded, highly-fragmented, and competitive market while maintaining a professional and approachable image offered an opportunity to develop a brand identity that felt mature, trustworthy, and stood out from the crowd.
As Hacea Coffee Source's strategic brand consultant from their inception, I helped build and manage a scalable brand identity that resonates with their target audience, sets them apart from the competition, and has maintained its integrity through three years of exponential growth. Hacea is now positioned as a trusted mentor to burgeoning industry professionals.

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