Avatar Coffee Roasters has an expert team with decades of diverse experiences. They cultivate meaningful relationships through open-minded communities that care about ethical value systems. Together, we uncovered the core problem just in time to fix their lagging sales.
1,000+ Items sold during 14-hour grand opening
Design 2024, Silver Award Winner, Graphis Inc.
Best of the Year Awards 2022, Winner, GDUSA
Packaging 10, Honorable Mention, Graphis Inc.
Audits, interviews, and competitive analyses revealed a lack of clarity and consistency in Avatar Coffee's brand strategy, underestimating the value of personalization, and negatively affecting their visual and verbal identity. My challenge was increasing coherence, awareness, and authority to reposition them as an integral part of an already crowded and highly-fragmented market. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The opportunity to reposition the brand to celebrate coffee rituals existed by leveraging provenance branding of the founders and the leadership team. I evolved the strategy from product functionality, to brand differentiation, and then to matters of importance by evoking a shared sense of belonging among their customers and a shared vision among leadership. 
Avatar Coffee Roasters creates new rituals and renews old ones—even during a period of historically weak human connections—through a value chain that deepens people’s relationships with producers, environment, and themselves. 

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